Terminated probationer not entitled to a pre-termination hearing

Terminated probationer not entitled to a pre-termination hearing

The Appellate Division affirmed a Supreme Court’s ruling dismissing an Article 78 petition filed by a former employee challenging his termination from his position during his probationary period.

In dismissing the former employee’s appeal the Appellate Division said that “It is well-settled that a probationary employee may be discharged without a hearing and without a statement of reasons, in the absence of any demonstration that the dismissal was in bad faith, for a constitutionally impermissible purpose, or in violation of law, citing Swinton v Safir, 93 NY2d 758.

In this instance, said the court, evidence in the record regarding the individual’s unsatisfactory completion of his duties provide a rational basis for the employer’s determination, “particularly since petitioner received ample opportunity to improve.”

As there was nothing substantial in the former employee’s allegations purporting to show bad fait, the Appellate Davison held that no hearing was required and the petition was properly denied by Supreme Court.

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