“New New York Education Reform Commission” established by Governor Cuomo

“New New York Education Reform Commission” established by Governor Cuomo

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has established the New New York Education Reform Commission, bringing together nationally recognized education, community, and business leaders to recommend reforms to the state's education system in order to improve performance in the classroom so that all of New York's students are fully prepared for their futures. Richard (Dick) Parsons, Retired Chairman, Citigroup will serve as the Chair of the New NY Education Reform Commission

The Executive Order creating the Commission includes the following tasks:

1. Find ways to improve teacher recruitment and performance, including the teacher evaluation system;

2. Examine factors contributing to teacher recruitment and performance including: incentives to hire and retain high-quality teachers; improvements in the teacher evaluation system to ensure New York is implementing one of the strongest evaluation systems in the country;

3. Use teacher evaluations for decisions regarding promotion, hiring and termination as required in the teacher evaluation law; and teacher preparation, certification and education programs to ensure that teachers are properly trained to best educate our Students;

4. Improve student achievement;

5. Examine education funding, distribution and costs;

6. Increase parent and family engagement in education;

7. Examine state and local policies to increase parent and family engagement;

8. Examine the problem of high-need and low-wealth school communities;

9. Find the best use of technology in the classroom;

10. Identify the strategies for making the best use of technology in the classroom;

11. Examine New York's education system to ensure it meets the needs of students while respecting the taxpayer;

12. Examine potential strategies to reorganize the state's education system including district
consolidation and/or shared services; and comparing models from other states to achieve efficiencies and improved education outcomes.

Membership of the Commission includes:

Richard (Dick) Parsons, Retired Chairman, Citigroup, Chair of the New NY Education Reform Commission
Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
Geoffrey Canada, Founder & CEO, Harlem Children's Zone
Irma Zardoya, President & CEO, NYC Leadership Academy
Elizabeth Dickey, President, Bank Street College of Education
Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey, President, Say Yes to Education
Lisa Belzberg, Founder & Chair Emeritus, PENCIL
Michael Rebell, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Campaign for Educational Equity
Karen Hawley Miles, President & Executive Director, Education Resource Strategies
José Luis Rodríguez, Founder & CEO, Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc.
Sara Mead, Associate Partner, Bellwether Education Partners
Eduardo Martí, Vice Chancellor of Community Colleges, CUNY
Thomas Kane, Professor of Education & Economics, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Jean Desravines,CEO, New Leaders
Michael Horn, Executive Director & Co-Founder, InnoSight Institute
Chancellor Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor, SUNY
Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor, CUNY
John B. King, Jr., Commissioner, New York State Education Department
Senator John Flanagan, Chair, Senate Education Committee
Assembly Member Cathy Nolan, Chair, Assembly Education Committee

The Commission expected to submit preliminary recommendations to the Governor by December 1, 2012.

The Deputy Secretary for Education, the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Education, and the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Higher Education to the Governor.will serve as staff to the Commission.

The text of the Governor’s announcement is posted on the Internet at: