Medical Pot at Work - It's Back!

The California state senate apparently is taking up another attempt to stop "discrimination" against the stoned at work.  (Yes, there are some exceptions, e.g., they can't be too stoned - impaired - or work at a safety sensitive job). Just read the bill....The text of SB 129 is here.

Like the failed Prop 19, which the voters rejected last year, this bill is too vague and makes it harder for employers to fire people who come to work buzzed than it is to fire people who come to work drunk.  There, I said it.  Unlike Prop. 19, this bill allegedly applies only to "medical marijuana" users, not recreational users.

For the record, I have nothing against pot, medical marijuana, caring cannabis, or wacky weed.  I don't care if pot is legal or illegal.  But I care if people are stoned when making my dinner, caring for my relative in the hospital, fixing my car, or doing my books, etc. The new bill is too solicitous of pot smokers.  Sorry to harsh your mellow.