Court of Appeal Upholds the Denial of Meal Period Class Action

While the world waits for the California Supreme Court to issue the fabled Brinker decision on meal periods, the courts of appeal continue to find that employers need only make available meal periods, and not force them. 

The latest opinion involves a class action over meal and rest breaks and wage statements. The trial court found that the company took great measures to provide meal breaks and that, therefore, it would be impossible to have a class claim over denial of same. The court also held that wage statement claims require proof of actual injury, which is another subject that the California Supreme Court is considering.

I don't see anything new here for HR to be concerned with. There is a heady discussion of when courts can rely on precedent that is subsequently "de-published," but that's only good for procedure geeks like moi.

This opinion is in Tien v. Tenet Healthcare and it is available here.