Selected Rulings posted by PERB

Selected Rulings posted by PERB 
Matter of Chemung County Sheriff’s Association, Inc., Decision 44 PERB 3026, U-29007

The Board reversed a decision of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) that had found that the Chemung County Sheriff’s Association, Inc. (Association) violated §209-a.2(b) of the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act (Act) when it sought interest arbitration of a nonarbitrable proposal under §209.4(g) of the Act.

The Board held that the joint employer’s second amended charge, which alleged for the first time that the Association’s General Municipal Law (GML) §207-c hearing proposal was nonarbitrable under §209.4(g) of the Act, was untimely because it did not relate back to the joint employer’s original claim challenging the mandatory nature of the proposal under the Act.

Finally, the Board held that the Association’s GML §207-c hearing proposal to permit a hearing officer to issue a binding decision, subject to review by the courts under CPLR Article 78, was mandatory under City of Watertown v. New York State Public Employment Relations Board, 97 NY2d 73, [33 PERB 7007].