San Francisco Update

Employers operating in SF - couple of things to note.

First, a new poster!  This one must be posted by employers with more than 20 employees who are covered by San Francisco's health care program.   Under that program, employers must spend a certain amount per hour on health care coverage for San Francisco based employees. That amount starts at $1.46 per hour for employers of 20-100 employees.  Read the poster and download it here.

Second, the San Francisco minimum wage, is going up!  San Francisco employers must start paying $10.24 minimum starting 1/1/12. That's a big jump from this year's minimum of $9.92, because the minimum wage is indexed to inflation.  Prices have been going up too, except for home prices of course!  And employers have to post the updated poster, which is here.

San Francisco employers- here's wishing you an enjoyable winter celebration of pointy sustainably grown trees, except for those of you who are enjoyment-challenged or hypofuniacs.