NLRB Soon to Require Poster!

Effective this November, Non-union employers will have to post a new poster explaining to employees their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  For a simple posting regulation, there sure are a lot of rules.

- Multiple languages if more than 20% of employers speak a language other than English
- posting on intranets
- size of the poster, placement, etc.

The poster's content basically is a short seminar on the National Labor Relations Act, the right to unionize, what unfair labor practices are, how to file a charge, etc.  Handy!

The good news is that the NLRB will let you download the poster free from its website, or you can order paper copies gratis from the Agency. So, printing costs will be minimal.

The regulations are at the bottom of this long long website page, which includes the "comments" to the final proposed rules and the NLRB's response to them.