We made it 5 years! So, this is going to be one of those self-promoting / congratulatory posts.... 

We opened our doors 6/19/06. And we started this little blog thing of ours on 6/26/06.  Seems like it was just yesterday. And by "yesterday" I mean Saturday, 20 years ago.  

We've been so fortunate to work with great people and organizations.  We wanted to honor our clients in some way to thank them for our success. But many are not local, and many have anti-gift policies now. So,  rather than throw a party or send gifts, we made a donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Yes, you can call them to make sure.
We have a terrific team of lawyers and non-lawyers in our Sacramento and San Francisco offices.  Since they are local and certainly have no non-gifting policies, we celebrated with a dinner.  We also thank our departed staff and lawyers, who helped us in our formative years.  We hope you had dinner somewhere equally wonderful.

Speaking of offices, we just moved to new space in Sacramento (980 9th St., Ste. 2300, if you are planning on, you know.....visiting.  Or visiting

Our "refreshed" website will roll out imminently, as will our new Facebook presence. It seems Facebook and Twitter may have replaced blogging as a medium for timely updates. But we're stubborn and committed, and somewhat retro. So, we will press on here until we are posting to an empty room.  In case you prefer Twitter, go here.  And we're putting the finishing touches on our Facebook page.  So you will be able to "like" us to your heart's content. We are nothing if not accessible.  And wordy.

So, thanks for hanging in there with us for these 5 years, loyal clients, and the other readers (yes, Dad, I mean you. And happy father's day, by the way). 

Jennifer and Greg