Another Meal / Break Class Action Dies; Everyone Waiting for Brinker

Selections from the Supreme Court mailbag re Brinker meal period case.
Dear Supreme Court. The suspense is killing us. Please send Brinker soon - Love Plaintiff's bar.
Dear Supreme Court:  Take your time. - Best wishes, Defense bar.

The letter writers wait for the Supreme Court's decision in Brinker (on what the meal period laws require).  Meanwhile, the Courts of Appeal keep cranking out decisions that consistently hold meal periods do not have to be forced, and therefore meal period class actions are properly not certified when the employer demonstrates it "provides" the opportunity to take them.

The latest opinion re meal period class actions is called Lamps Plus Overtime Cases, or Flores v. Lamps Plus. As stated, the court decided that the class certification was properly denied, and along the way held that meal periods need not be forced, but merely must be authorized and permitted. The opinion is here.