Court of Appeal Says No Acommodation for Violent Threats

Disagreeing with the Ninth Circuit's ridiculous  insaneoutlier opinion  in Gambini v. Total Renal Care (in which the court of appeals said that a bi-polar employee who threw papers at her boss was immune from discharge), the Court of Appeal held that the Orange County Superior Court lawfully fired an employee who made violent threats against co-workers.  The Court of Appeal decided that a "bi-polar" employee does not have the right to threaten co-workers, even if that conduct is caused by the disability. Chalk one up for reasonable.
Oh the court also held that checkig the box for "denial of family care leave" on an administrative charge is NOT sufficient to exhaust administrative remedies on disability discrimination.
I've written about Gambini here. And here.
This decision is Wills v. Superior Court and the opinion is here.