Annual Legal Update - Web or Live

The end of the year is here. There are new laws, new regulations, and new court decisions to digest.  How will you keep up? How will you know what to do?  Please, somebody help you!  Aaargh.

Relax. Shaw Valenza is here to ease your worried mind, smooth your furrowed brow, apply myrrh to your foreheads. OK, I wouldn't know where to get any myrrh now that Prop. 19 did not pass.  Myrrh dealers... get the word out.

Anyway, wise men -- and women -- from all over are going to get even wiser when they attend our annual Employment Law Update!  Statutes, regulations, case law, and how to's. Best news yet, Jennifer Shaw herself is presenting.  And such a deal.

Here's a link for more information.  Click it.  Now.  Ok, now.