Happy Anniversary to Us (Again)

Yes, it's a slight detour into self-indulgence. Thank you for your patience.

So, four years ago, two wide-eyed kids, with barely a tuna sandwich and $3.00 between them, decided to stake out their little corner of the American Dream and start a small business of their own.... Oh, and Jennifer and I started Shaw Valenza four years ago today, too! What a coincidence! (I hope those two scrappy kids made it.)

Anyhoo, after perfectly timing our decision to start a business a few months in advance of the worst time to start a business in history, we're grateful to still be here. We know why we made it, too. Coffee and toner? Sure. But we're also thankful for our clients, prospective almost-clients, and even former clients, who have made our survival possible. We are grateful to our colleagues / co-workers / employees, who have helped us flourish. Thank you, too, to our vendors and everyone else who have helped us along the way. And a big thanks to the courts, legislatures, and regulators, who continue to provide us with an ever-expanding, confusing, and conflicting body of employment laws!

By the way, SV's 4th anniversary also means that this blog celebrates its fourth year of existence. This is post number 368, and I've enjoyed every one of them. So, thank you, adoring public, for reading along with us. :::echo....echo....echo....::::

See you next year. I hope.