Son of Brinker?

Brinker's gone. But Brinkley's here! At least for now. In Brinkley v. Public Storage, Inc., the court of appeal issued a published opinion, in which it held that meal and rest periods merely must be provided, not forced. This holding tracks Brinker v. Superior Court (now on review).
The court in Brinkley relied on federal case law, the same cases on which the court of appeal in Brinker relied.

Given the similarity to Brinker, the Supreme Court may accept review of Brinkley under a "Grant and Hold" order. So, don't rely on Brinkley unless review is denied. We won't learn its fate for a couple of months.

The second key issue in Brinkley is the court's holding that the wage statement statute, Lab. Code section 226 requires proof of injury and some intent on behalf of the employer. That statute provides penalties of up to $4000 per employee for non-compliant wage statements....

Be careful out there!