Court of Appeal: $44 recovery; $500 in fees

The Second District Court of Appeal reversed a trial court's refusal to grant attorneys' fees in a wage and hour case. The amount in controversy was: $44.63. The plaintiff, Harrington, unsuccessfully tried to bring a class action. His individual claim was for one day of unpaid overtime. Because of penalties, etc., the case settled for $10,500, plus "reasonable attorneys fees." The trial court said that the $10,500 was enough to pay the attorneys.
The Court of Appeal held that the trial court was required to award "reasonable" attorneys' fees to Harrington as the prevailing party. The court then said there was "no way on earth" that Harrington's attorneys were entitled to the $46,000 in fees they claimed. Instead, the court fixed a reasonable amount at ... $500. That's enough for a nice lunch for the whole office, guys. Celebrate the win!

Harrington v. Payroll Entertainment Services, Inc.