Governor Takes Action on Pending California Employment Bills

We covered pending bills here. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed nearly all of the burdensome proposed measures. As of this writing, two remain pending. If he does not sign them by midnight tonight, they become law automatically.

So, here is what we believe to be a comprehensive list of 2007 employment law bills that were signed, vetoed, and the two that remain pending.

We will provide more detailed summaries of the new laws in future posts.



SB 812 - Alternative workweeks for pharmacists

AB 392 - Military leave for spouses

SB 929 - Prevailing wage and lowers the hourly wage applicable to the "computer exemption" from over $49 to $36 per hour.

SB 14: - California National Guard qualify for membership in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), and can purchase additional PERS service credit.

AB 338 - Increases availability of workers' compensation temporary disability benefits


AB 504 - Lockouts - fines for employers.

AB 622 - Independent Contractors.

SB 936 - Workers' Compensation benefits.

SB 942 - (More) Workers' Compensation benefits.

AB 8 - Health care tax on employers to fund universal health care.

AB 124 - Applying meal period laws to certain government employees.

SB 549 - Mandated bereavement leave.

SB 836 - Familial status discrimination.

AB 377 - Labor contractors and pay records.

SB 727 - Expansion of Paid Family Leave.

AB 435- Extending statute of limitations for equal pay claims.

AB 1043 - Voiding forum selection and choice of law clauses in employment contracts.

Still Pending as of this Writing:

AB 1707 - New requirements for personnel files.

SB 180 - "Card checks" for agricultural employees seeking union representation.

Finally, here are a bunch of public sector-related bills that the Governor signed last week (thank you, o thank you, state bar labor and employment law section email):

AB 1307 Public employee benefits: supplemental contribution program.

AB 1432 – State teachers' retirement.

SB 901 - State teachers' retirement: postretirement earnings.

AB 246 - County employees' retirement: retirement boards.

AB 554 – Public employees: benefits.

AB 754 - Public employees.

AB 756 - Memoranda of understanding: addenda.

AB 757 - Teachers: retirement and employment.

AB 1124 - County employees' retirement.

AB 1288 - County employees: vision care.

AB 1316 – State teachers' retirement: disability.

AB 1317 - Public employees' retirement: executive compensation.