Pending California Bills

Every year at this time, the California Legislature sends a raft of proposed laws to the Governor for signature or veto. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the employment-related bills awaiting action by Governor Schwarzenegger this year. Click the link for the text of the bill.

We of course will analyze the ones that are passed in future posts. We also will cover all the new laws and major court decisions at our annual legal update, held in Sacramento and San Francisco later this year. Get details here.

AB 504 - Lockouts - fines for employers

AB 622 - Independent Contractors

SB 936 - Workers' Compensation benefits

SB 942 - (More) Workers' Compensation benefits

AB 8 - Health care tax on employers to fund universal health care

AB 124 - applying meal period laws to certain government employees

SB 549 - Mandated bereavement leave

SB 836 - Familial status discrimination

AB 377 - Labor contractors and pay records

SB 727 - Expansion of Paid Family Leave

AB 1707 - new requirements for personnel files

SB 180 - "card checks" for agricultural employees seeking union representation